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The brain is an organ
exactly like the heart, lungs, or liver.

It receives perceptual organ input
and uses electrochemical signalling
to active the body.

The mind is not generated by the brain,
nor does it reside there.

It resides everywhere.



Science tells us that the brain is “us”,
but it is not.

Science misperceives that
because the brain is stored, efficiently,
where the major perceptual organs are located.



The brain doesn’t secrete thought.
Meat can’t think.

The brain doesn’t control behavior.
Mind controls behavior.

Mind has free will.



Materialism, a 17th Century philosophy,
was disproved in the early 20th Century.

The universe is not a mechanism.

There is no determinism.



Genes are not “selfish”.

Genes are physical blueprints
for the formation of proteins in cells.

That is all.



Your brain is changed by what you think.

Your genes are changed by what you do.

Species always advance through cooperation,
never through competition.

Life isn’t about you.
It’s about everyone.



Mind did not inexplicably spring from the material.

Mind formed and maintains the material.



Mind is basic to everything in the universe.

Everything that exists is made out of mind.






The laws of physics are descriptive, not prescriptive.

The above sums up the current state of science today. Most scientists are not up to date.

Many of the most publically outspoken scientists and journalist science-commentators are actively fighting the latest in science, continuing to insist on an outdated mechanistic, physicalist, or materialist approach to scientific hypothesizing, research, and interpretation.

The persistence of outmoded scientific belief and a long-term reactionary response to new discovery and thought in science is common to a large-scale scientific paradigm shift such as we have been going through since the early 20th century.

Quantum physics and relativity have upended the old physics. What will eventually upend quantum physics?

I write about this, among other things. This is my deal.

I live on the West Coast of the United States.
I am a liberal humanist.
I am 5′ 2″, eyes of blue (I am small but feisty).

I am devoted to science (particularly to quantum physics, astronomy, chemistry, genetics, nutrition, ergonomics, and environmentalism).

I have spent every spare moment since I was 5 reading (carrying a book to read between classes in school, for instance). I realized when I was a teenager that I learned more from non-fiction than fiction, which wasted my time; I began to focus my recreational reading on science, psychology, and medicine.

My B.A. is in psychology, with concentration in objective and statistical analysis and special interest in consciousness, cognition, personality, relationships, child development and welfare, abuse and trauma studies, and gender issues.

I love writing and editing, watching movies and television, art and natural history museums, downhill skiing, uphill swimming, oil painting, photography, and reading, analyzing, and writing about science, psychology, medicine, biography, history and politics, finance and economics, and humor.

In fiction, I adore the writings of P.G. Wodehouse, Isaac Asimov, and James Herriott. I believe that Margaret Mitchell wrote the greatest of all Great American Novels.

I have always been health oriented. I don’t drink alcohol (toxic to the body’s cells, it causes cell death and whole-body disease such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, liver failure, and so on), smoke anything, or use illegal drugs, and I avoid most legal drugs.

I love to cook and bake from scratch using organic ingredients (I loves me my homemade whole-wheat bread, chocolate cake, and mint-frosted brownies); I love – hot chocolate when I can get it.

I also love dairy products (I never believed the “science” that told us that they were bad for us – I analyze logically rather than trust sheep-like in so-called authority. I never gave up salt, butter, milk, meat, salmon, nuts, eggs, or any other healthy food that “science” told us to stop eating; instead, I’ve shunned the fake, human-hardened “fats” in margarine and shortening; that is common sense); I eat fruit, salads, meat, nuts, and whole carbohydrates. I also never believed in the authorities who once tried to tell us that salt, peanut butter, nuts, and even fatty fish – think salmon – were bad for us; I was right about those foods, as well.

I keep my fiber intake high; I avoid processed foods. (A micro post on how to keep your health up and your weight down…. here’s the long version.)

Acting is the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life. Music is my life. (Vivaldi was the greatest composer of all time; I like Bach; not that big a fan of Mozart – too many notes.) Cats and horses are my favorite non-human animals.

Most recently, in the offices of a university public health program, I was the senior editorial assistant, submission administrator (Thompson Reuters’ ScholarOne), instruction writer and editor, managing editor of special issues, and ad hoc manuscript reviewer and copy editor for an international public health journal.

Please hire me to act, write, or edit. I am loving, empathetic, forgiving, intelligent, talented, ambitious, creative, communicative, and perfectionistic.

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Old Motto: That’s what I said.
New Motto: I would never deliberately lead you astray.

General thing to know about me: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”
(I am not a vixen, however.)

Dream: To live in L.A., to love and be loved equally, to be swept away by the great joy that only great art can give, and to dance at home on the weekends.

Disclaimer: The size of the title at the top of these pages was not my idea.


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