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Hershey’s “Cookies ‘n’ Mint” and Me

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Hershey's "Cookies 'n' Mint" Chocolate Bar, Circa 1992

Hershey’s “Cookies & Mint” Chocolate Bar



Hershey’s “Cookies ‘n’ Mint” (video) chocolate bar was the greatest candy bar that ever existed, a candy bar legend in its own time.

Unfortunately, it no longer exists. It is gone. All gone.

Cookies ‘n’ Mint, when it was first introduced to a grateful chocolate-and-mint loving public in Los Angeles in 1992, was a revelation. In grocery stores people would point it out to each other and say, “Isn’t it incredible?”

Urbane, sophisticated women were making themselves fat eating Cookies ‘n’ Mint candy bars and not caring. Not caring. Do you feel me?

After its introduction I ate Cookies ‘n’ Mint bars regularly for a year; usually one bar per day, but often, in the beginning, I would eat one during the day and one at night while I was reading.

One night in Pasadena while skimming the blissful soap-opera sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, Alexandra Ripley’s Scarlett, I nibbled my way slowly through four Cookies ‘n’ Mint chocolate bars. Dreams are made of such as this.

Reading Scarlett that gorgeous, calm, sweetly warm evening in my beloved California was the only night of four Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Mint candy bars. I gained three pounds that week. It was worth it.

But then the taste of Cookies ‘n’ Mint bars changed. Long before Hershey’s stopped making them, they started to taste horrible.

I always thought that Hershey’s had switched the bar’s mint flavoring ingredient from some kind of wonderful mint flavoring to a different, terrible mint flavoring, because that is what it tasted like. But I don’t know. Maybe the bars changed flavor on their own after sitting on shelves for a while (if you know for sure what happened, please tweet me).

In any case, recipe-change or eventual odd-going, Hershey’s finally discontinued Cookies ‘n’ Mint some time after they became inedible. These once heavenly bars simply stopped existing.

Today’s substitutes are no match for the original, and this is a tragedy.



Hershey's Bar None
Once upon a time, there was the heavenly Hershey’s Bar None candy bar, as well; it also is no longer with us.

The best chocolate bar in the world before Cookies ‘n’ Mint descended from heaven, and the best chocolate-peanut bar ever, its taste was perfect. I even didn’t mind the crunchy wafer layer in it (candy wafers usually make my teeth itch).

I used to kind of hoard Bar None bars; perhaps I sensed their up-coming disappearance from the universe. The summer I discovered them I bought several every time I went to the store; eventually they filled a small drawer in my refrigerator.

Then Hershey’s changed the recipe. Definitely; no question this time. Hershey’s announced the change in their advertising, and you could see and taste the change in the bar: Hershey’s added caramel to Bar Nones.

Now, on its own, caramel is a fine thing. But instead of adding goodness to Bar Nones, it diluted the lovely rich dark chocolate flavor. Caramel made this exquisite chocolate bar taste, well, not special at all.

And because the change didn’t make more people buy Bar Nones but fewer, Hershey’s gave up on it, and soon discontinued it, too.

I knew it was going to happen; that’s why I hoarded them.




Starbucks Mocha Powder -

Here we see Starbucks’ once-delicious original Mocha Powder, another favorite of mine that has been discontinued (chocolate, this time).

I used to consume two to three cans per week of Starbucks’ Mocha Powder. I made hot chocolate with it, for the calcium, all day long.

Now I don’t. Starbucks changed the recipe from something incredible to something blah that no one wanted to waste money on, and then discontinued it (sensing a pattern here? I saw that coming in advance, didn’t I?).

Here’s what Starbucks sells now in the way of Hot Chocolate. It’s not bad. It’s not great. It’s not Mocha Powder.



You know, I have to admit, Godiva chocolates are outstanding. So are Guylian chocolates, those delicious little hazelnut chocolates in the sea shell shapes, and Ferrero Rocher, which I crave when I play Candy Crush because its “rainbow candy” looks so much like them.

But Godivas are not Cookies ‘n’ Mint. Guylians aren’t Bar None. Ferrero Rochers are not the Original Starbucks Mocha Powder.

So many great things that I have loved have been discontinued, usually for no reason that I can figure out except that, perhaps:

  • The manufacturer changed the original recipe, making the product not-as-good, or actually inedible.
  • Supply chains let the product go stale before sales.
  • The public in general doesn’t properly recognize, appreciate, and purchase Great Things often enough.
  • Only you and I – obviously – have any taste at all.

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Photo/Art Credits:

Richard at Candy Wrapper Archive kindly shared his Hershey’s Candies images with me for this post.

Starbucks Mocha Powder 2005 to Present (Flickr photos)
by “lawatha”


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How to Make the Perfect Café Mocha
Serenity Now (blog), January 18, 2011

Espresso Training School
Serenity Now (blog), February 16, 2010
“You know what? That $7 canister of powder rocks my world.”
- It did me, too.

Starbucks Mocha Powder (Flickr photo)
by “melfolio”
“This stuff is magic!” the photographer wrote.
- Yes. It was.


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